About Us

About EuroBale Ltd

EuroBale Ltd has been established since 1994 and is the largest big bale haylage producer in the country.

Why Choose EuroBale?

Produced specifically for horses, EuroBale forage is the first choice for the UK’s leading breeders, trainers and competition riders who take their sport seriously.

As a semi-wilted, mildly fermented forage, EuroBale has well documented respiratory benefits: the natural fermentation process ensures that the forage has a low negligible spore level.
A low spore count means fewer respiratory allergies, and more rapid recovery from respiratory infections.

Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen

We are proud to hold a Royal warrant for Her Majesty the Queen.

Precision Farming

EuroBale is now committed to precision farming as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our product and reduce our reliance on fuels and fertilizers.