Precision Farming

EuroBale is now committed to precision farming as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our product and reduce our reliance on fuels and fertilizers.

A brief summary of what is involved

  • Soil analysis for major nutrients is taken every 100m over the whole farm.
  • A digital map for each field is then produced with the nutrient variations featured.
  • Tractor is fitted with GPS receiver accurate to within12cm.
  • A fertilizer applicator utilized with a continuous weighing system.

As the tractor moves along a field the GPS system reports to the onboard tractor computer which is reading the digital map produced by the soil sampling and continuously varies in turn the amount of nutrient applied to a given area. This therefore helps to reduce variance in the subsequent crop and makes for a more homogenous finished product to supply to EuroBales’s customers i.e. our ability to ensure the whole field is of the most even nutrient value achievable.