Eurobale Travelling

In an effort to address the issues of handling a standard Eurobale when travelling, or when there are not enough horses being fed to use a standard bale in the correct time frame, Eurobale is introducing in early 2016 a new bale size (approx 20Kg) . These bales will be stacked 45 bales to a pallet and will only contain premium Eurobale gold haylage. These will be sold by the pallet and can be delivered with your regular Eurobale delivery. 

It is important to note that this is not normal small bale haylage. This product is grown by us and graded by us in the same way as Eurobale gold and will only contain product of that high quality.The plastic will even be thicker like standard Eurobale for greater quality retention.

This new product should make it even easier to move to Eurobale and joins Eurobale Multipack as another innovative solution to equine feeding.