Why Choose EuroBale?

Produced specifically for horses, EuroBale forage is the first choice for the UK’s leading breeders, trainers and competition riders who take their sport seriously.

As a semi-wilted, mildly fermented forage, EuroBale has well documented respiratory benefits: the natural fermentation process ensures that the forage has a low negligible spore level.
A low spore count means fewer respiratory allergies, and more rapid recovery from respiratory infections.

  • Producing up to 10,000 tonnes annually
  • Variety of different products : GOLD, SILVER, TIMOTHY and COUNTRY MIX
  • A selection of bale sizes including the revolutionary new Multipack
  • Supplied all year round. We do not run out and let down a professional yard
  • Deliveries are all made by us, with with trucks equipped with fork lifts
  • Analytical specification provided with all products on request read more
  • EuroBale was established in 1994 and the farm has no other activity
  • Full trace ability on every bale
  • Annual wastage/returns are less than 1%
  • Grown and farmed in-house with the benefits of trace ability and quality