EuroBale Nutritional Benefits

Devising a feed program to help realise the horse’s genetic potential is a time-honoured art. Comparatively recently, science has helped us to explain and expand upon the traditional principles of feeding and to understand the principles of good nutrition.

Respiratory Benefits of EuroBale Haylage

Respiratory disease has been well documented as one of the major causes of poor performance in equine athletes. Viral and bacterial infections and poor hygiene can all contribute to respiratory disease.

EuroBale Haylage for Optimum Growth & Development

Developing a feed program for the Stud to help ensure healthy, fit brood mares and well grown but not overtopped young stock with good bone involves combining good pasture, excellent preserved grass for the winter months and a balanced concentrate feed to complement forage.

Feeding Quantities of EuroBale Haylage

High quality haylage such as EuroBale will be the major source of long fibre in the horse’s daily diet and thus enough must be fed to meet the ‘roughage’ or digestible fibre requirements necessary to keep the gut moving properly.